Taken in Injesuthi section, Maloti Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. —Steve McKean, 2005 Fellow


Kinship Conservation Fellows seeks to have positive and lasting conservation impacts.

Our Mission
To develop a community of leaders dedicated to collaborative approaches to environmental issues with an emphasis on market-based principles.

Why we do this work

We live in a world of increasing, tough and dynamic environmental challenges. From climate change to species extinction, from water scarcity to soil degradation, from overfishing to deforestation, it is imperative to concentrate on critical actions and techniques to improve functioning ecosystems and alleviate environmental dangers for the health of people and the natural world.

To scale our impact in addressing these challenges, we need a strong, collaborative community of innovative conservation leaders who can bring about effective and long-lasting solutions. 

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We believe in investing in practitioners who are open to new ideas and who seek real tools to implement effective market-based solutions to environmental problems.