2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Christine Ageton
United States of America 2007 Fellow
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Leo Akwany
Uganda 2011 Fellow
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Simon Akwetaireho
Uganda 2013 Fellow
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Som Ale
United States of America 2010 Fellow
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Nathaniel Anderson
United States of America 2003 Fellow
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Lantoniaina Andriamampianina
Madagascar 2008 Fellow
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Ny Aina Andrianarivelo
Madagascar 2015 Fellow
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Gonzalo Araujo
Philippines 2017 Fellow
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Jenny Arias
Colombia 2017 Fellow
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Nigel Asquith-Fellows Program Director
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 2005 Fellow
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Charlie Avis
Switzerland 2007 Fellow
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Pamela Baker
United States of America 2004 Fellow
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Jody Balanko
Canada 2002 Fellow
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Lenke Balint
Romania 2013 Fellow
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Ana Laura Barillas Gómez
Mexico 2016 Fellow
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Lee Barkin
United States of America 2010 Fellow
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Puja Batra
United States of America 2010 Fellow
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Paola Bauche
Mexico 2014 Fellow
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Leandro Baumgarten
Brazil 2009 Fellow
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Onon Bayasgalan
Mongolia 2016 Fellow
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Jean Marie Benishay
Congo (Democratic Republic of the) 2007 Fellow
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Jeff Berckes
United States of America 2013 Fellow
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Jimena Betancourt
Colombia 2015 Fellow
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Kevin Biehn
United States of America 2004 Fellow
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