2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Regional Catalyst for Sustainability at Spruce Root Community Development

Juneau, Alaska 99801
United States of America

Having worked with a variety of sustainability-focused organizations, Aaron Ferguson has gained a wide-breadth of experience bringing together community members and leaders to plan and implement projects for maximum impact and resource-efficiency. As Regional Catalyst for Sustainability at Spruce Root Community Development, Aaron is currently serving a collective impact network focused on building community resilience across the rural communities that dot the coastal temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska. He partners with community leaders to grow the financial feasibility of their sustainable development and conservation projects and with network leaders to strengthen the collective’s business model. Prior to this, Aaron held a leadership role in an organization that facilitates direct-to-market events for small- and medium-scale farmers, fostered collaboration of business owners with researchers and policymakers for an economic development organization, and led strategic planning and ecolabel program development for a green building firm.

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