2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Director at TERRA Ecogest & Qnatur

TERRA Ecogest Environmental consultancy specialized in the use of tools for environmental sustainability (indicators, assessment, planning, management). We put them at the service of governments and companies to promote their plans and projects for sustainable development. We cover all phases of the project cycle and accompany our clients to complete practical application of the results of our work. Our clients are public institutions (European Commission, Ministries, Regional and local governments, research centers), private institutions and enterprises. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QNATUR Is a private enterprise aiming to promote the market of goods and services provided by ecoentrepreneurs in protected areas. It stems from the conviction that biodiversity and cultural landscapes conservation goes through sustainable rural development, highlighting those companies whose business is based on the use of natural resources, and are committed to quality, sustainability, local and cultural values. It is based on an online business platform and direct contact with local eco-entrepreneurs.


MSc Zoology in 1986
I started my professional career as a researcher linked to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). After different scientific work (raptors, otter, fishes) I was contracted by the National Institute for Nature Conservation to head the scientific research on
the recovery programme of the Bearded Vulture at the Pyrenees.
A few years later, in 1992, I was head of the Conservation Department of Bird Life Spain (SEO). The day to day work included high level international meetings, lobbying at national and international level, Important Bird Areas Programme and local
and regional conservation campaigns.
Then I jumped out as an independent expert and, among others, worked for Quercus magazine, IEEP and WWF.
Was time to set up a private company and together with two friends in 1996 we set up Terra, from where we provide high level expertise on environmental law, monitoring, funding, socio-economic impact of nature conservation and other topics.
To enhace my professional skills, in 2001 I got qualified as Environmental Management Chief Auditor by Bureau Veritas. After auditing over 130 companies from a wide range of activities, from pharmaceuticals to shipyards, this has allowed me to better understand how to integrate the environment on to business. 

In 2011 I decided to go further, and set up Qnatur, and e-platform which promotes the marked of goods and services provided by sustainable companies operating in protected areas.
Without a doubt one of my most striking experiences was in 2002. During Christmas I received a “junk email” inviting me to apply for the Kinship programme, which took place in Bozeman (Montana) and was developed by PERC. During this period  I was involved in experimental socio-economic assessment  of the Natura 2000 management plan and the Kinship experience was complete eye-opening. I never knew who proposed me, but I am very grateful to him. It has been one of me best Christmas presents!

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Experience on: certification scheemes, sustainable rural development, e-business

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