2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Managing Partner at Invisible Nature

In order to preserve our natural capital, we believe that one key aspect is to understand and protect the invisible systems and processes that contribute to the balance of our ecosystems and provide us with multiple services and benefits. When it comes to making consumers, people in the communities or employees care about nature and protect the environment, what matters most are the invisible elements of our culture, such as beliefs, attitudes and values. We need to be able to understand these elements and work with them, in order to create social change and pro-environmental behaviors. ‘It’s what you can’t see that matters most’ principle applies also to the business sector. Often, the economic, environmental and social impacts are invisible to companies, as they occur somewhere along their complex supply chains or in overlooked areas of the business. Dependencies on the natural capital and ecosystem services are also not always visible to businesses.

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