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Executive Director at Humboldt at EU Group (Escasany-Uriburu Family Office)

At Humboldt we graze ecological cattle in Argentina. We work in the Delta grasslands of the Paran√° River floodplain. We address ecological studies to improve cattle management in wetland ecosystems and develop the commercial chain for a premium food product linked to the environment.

Buenos Aires and Entre Rios eugeniadifiori@gmail.com

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Eugenia Di Fiori obtained a Ph.D. in Biology (2014) at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she specialized in Freshwater Ecology. She has collaborated in diverse scientific campaigns, research projects, environmental impact studies, as well as in an environmental education NGO. She later joined the private sector in the Agricultural and Livestock business focused on developing sustainable practices in food production systems. In 2018, she became an Executive Director of Humboldt, a small company owned by a family business, where she is currently developing a project regarding the conservation of natural grasslands in a wetland ecosystem in Argentina, by promoting the sustainable and traditional cattle management. The project focuses on developing an attractive healthy food product (beef) that, through a premium price, can pay for the conservation and restoration of altered and impoverished grassland environments. The scope is to scale the project through a traceable product and a fair trade chain, in order to prevent land-use change in the Delta Wetland area. By enhancing the traditional cattle management it will preserve wildlife biodiversity and conserve the gaucho cultural heritage. 

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