2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Executive Director at Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines

Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines is the largest independent non-profit NGO dedicated to the conservation of marine megafauna and their habitats in the country. We focus on marine conservation through research, policy and education. We believe good science leads to better policy, and through community engagement we can tackle marine conservation issues. From schools to fishermen and members of the local communities in which we work, communication and information dissemination is essential.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental 6267

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My research focus has primarily been the whale shark: understanding the impacts of tourism on this endangered species, as well as their feeding ecology and movements in a region that operated targeted fisheries until recently, and where still illegal poaching takes place. Since 2015 we have been conducting BRUV surveys across the Philippines to assess the effectiveness of marine protected areas for elasmobranchs. This work has now coupled with acoustic and satellite telemetry on focal species. We also focus on turtle ecology, tourism and movements, study the reproductive biology and ecology of mobulid rays, and are members of various stranding networks in the country. We operate on a pay-to-volunteer scheme by which overheads for each conservation intervention are covered by participating members of the public or early career scientists and career shifters. We source funding from international Foundations and large NGOs, but work to maintain full independence to continue the work.

I have a background in molecular biology, operational research and ran an IT business in the U.K. before moving to the Philippines in 2011.