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Hanitra Rakotojaona

2019 Fellow

Community Conservation Coordinator at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell is a british NGO based in Jersey, Channel island, UK with a mission to save species from extinction. My main responsabilities are to develop vision and strategies relating to the community based conservation and rural development actions of Durrell around the conservation sites

Ampasanimalo, Antananarivo +261 340515874

Currently, Hanitra Rakotojaona is leading the community-based conservation program at Durrell, whose main objectives are to reduce threats and pressures around conservation areas and to effectively engage communities to save endangered species and their habitats. She is in charge of managing and implementing various projects like food security, community health, education, habitat restoration etc. Previously, Hanitra worked for CRS (Catholic Relief Services) in Madagascar as the Livelihood Team Leader. Her main responsibilities included designing, coordinating CRS’s projects based on food security and nutrition, community development, natural resources management, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian aids. She has also worked as Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist for the PSDR project, which was one of Madagascar’s rural development and poverty alleviation project funded by the World Bank. Hanitra holds a Master of Science in Plant Ecology from the University of Antananarivo and a diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment from the University of CAZS, Bangor, United Kingdom. 

Interest Areas

Collaboration Interests

I am interested in collaboration with individual, groups, partners working in the field of community based conservation, community development, climate change and economic conservation

I Am Seeking

I am seeking opportunities to visit other community conservation projects sharing the same issues asMadagascar : low income countries with multiple and complex challenges regarding biodiversity and ecosystem conservation and where market based approach and tools are among the most efficient strategies to solve the issues

I Can Offer

I can offer expertise in implementing small scale livelihood projects relating to agriculture, farming, fisheries, handicrafts etc.. but also in sustainable management of natural resources (forest, mangrove, marine resources, etc...). If someone would like or plan to visit Madagascar for research, field visit etc...I can help in the organisation.

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