2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


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Project Manager at Fundación Runa

Fundación Runa works to create value for both forests and the people that depend on them for a living. My work is largely focused on improving forest management practices, developing new NTFPs and helping communities manage wildlife populations. I manage a team of extension technicians to collect data, implement forest management and restoration activities and disseminate best agricultural management practices.

Archidona, Napo NA

I have always had a fascination with tropical forests both as both systems and in the people and wildlife that live there. My professional life has been focused on creating and implementing policies and financial mechanisms that benefit conservation and livelihoods. This interest led me to study on both forestry and geography. After graduating from the Yale School of Forestry (2010) I worked as REDD+ and forestry consultant based in Indonesia.  Over time I have become especially interested in the potential for creating better markets for sustainably harvested forest products with the goal of improving the financial value of standing forests.  Currently, I work as Fundación Runa’s Landscapes Program and manage a variety of initiatives related to improving agricultural productivity within agroforestry systems, community wildlife monitoring, sustainable forestry management and eco-tourism.  As part of this job I work closely with smallholders and indigenous groups to improve land management and forest livelihoods.

Interest Areas

Collaboration Interests

I would like to collaborate with faculty and participants to develop new project ideas and improve existing ones. I would also like to potentially scale projects to new areas and share both funding and professional networks.

I Am Seeking

Help, suggestions and constructive criticism regarding my project idea and how to best present it to funders. I am also seeking to improve my access both to potential markets and to social impact investment.

I Can Offer

technical expertise related to REDD+, forestry and GIS. I also can help evaluating creating and evaluating proposals and projects specifically including problem trees, log-frames and budgeting.

Chapters and Affinity Groups