Bee eater in Okavango Delta, Botswana, 2007. —Cecilia Simon, 2014 Fellow


Kinship Fellows held its third Fellows Summit from August 23-26 in Negombo, Sri Lanka. As part of Focus 2018, Summits are designed to provide the Fellows Community with an opportunity for an in-person exchange of ideas and networking.

Fellows gathered from India, the Philippines, Bhutan, Mongolia and Bangladesh. Along with the Summits that took place earlier this summer in North America and Africa, the Summit in Asia provided Fellows with a platform to share updates on their work and get advice from their peers. As Gonzalo Araujo (2017) said, “The Asia region is quite broad, so I was very keen to hear what other people were experiencing and how they are getting conservation done. Understanding the state of things in their respective countries and how it might relate to what we do in the Philippines is really helpful for me.”

Fellows at the Summit in Sri Lanka

Sessions covered such topics as the economics of ecosystem services, the role of blockchain technology in conservation finance, and observations on the state of market-based conservation in Asia. “Although the state of the field is a bit challenging in our context in Asia, it is a growing field and there are a lot of opportunities that we can bank on,” said Ngawang Gyeltshen (2015). “I have high hopes and a lot of take aways from this Summit. We are a large community of conservation Fellows with vast knowledge, experience and also lessons. And if we continue, we can form a big dream team, capable of coming up with some solutions.”

About Kinship Fellows Summits
Kinship Conservation Fellows has been developing and delivering training on market-based conservation since 2001. As of 2017, its flagship Fellows program has trained 264 conservationists around the world. Facilitating collaboration among Fellows is part of the Program's strategy to accelerate effective and lasting conservation impacts and includes organized events such as the Fellows Summits. In 2018, Fellows will participate in Summits in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.