Fellows go on a kayak trip during the Fellowship program.—Greg Martindale, 2014 Fellow

Fellowship FAQs

Experience and references



Experience and references

What is meant by five years of experience?
Applicants should have five years of on-the-ground experience in addition to a bachelor's degree. Work done while pursuing a degree does not factor into these five years.

When are letters of recommendation due?
Letters of recommendation are due one week after the application deadline. Letters of Recommendation are due January 16, 2022, while applications must be submitted by January 9, 2022. Applications missing letters of recommendation may be disqualified.

In what form should letters of recommendation be submitted?
Letters of recommendation must be submitted to the online application site by the person providing the recommendation. They cannot be uploaded with your application. Letters of recommendation should be in the format of: PDF, Word, .txt or JPEG.

I'm an independent consultant and don't have an employer. Who should write my letters of recommendation?
Request a letter of recommendation from a client, a peer, or a former employer.

What if my contact information or letter writer changes between the time I submitted the application and the review period?
Send a message to info@kinshipfellows.org with updated contact information. 

How can I view the status of my letters of recommendation?
Log into your account and click the 'Submissions' tab at the top of the screen and then select your name. At the top of the 'Activities' tab, you will be able to view if we have received supporting information (letters of recommendation) from each letter writer.

How can I send a reminder to my letter writer?
Log back into the application system and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the 'All Submissions' tab
  2. Select your name
  3. Select the 'Content' tab
  4. Scroll down to the 'Letters of Recommendation' portion
  5. Click 'Resend Request'


When are applications due?
Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM US Central Standard Time  on January 9, 2022.

Can I mail a printed form of my application?
No, all applications must be submitted online. Email info@kinshipfellows.org if you have questions about using the online form.

In what language should my application materials be submitted?
Submit all materials in English.

Does Kinship accept international applicants?
Yes, many of the Fellows accepted each year come from outside of the United States.

Who reviews the applications?
All applicants are first verified as eligible by Kinship Conservation Fellows staff and then are evaluated by selection committees.

Where and when does the 2022 program take place?
The program will be held on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington from June 25 through July 26, 2022.

How many people participate in the program?
There are typically 18 participants in a cohort.

When are the candidates notified?
Candidates are notified by mid-April and shortly thereafter, the names of the 2022 Kinship Conservation Fellows will be posted on the Kinship Fellows website.


Are taxes withheld from the $6,000 stipend?
Yes, withholding is subject to US IRS regulations and various conditions may apply. For further information, please email info@kinshipfellows.org.

What is the intended use for the stipend?
The stipend is intended to defray travel expenses to and from Belllingham and help cover living expenses, either at the program or at home. Fellows are provided housing, breakfast, and a daily lunch allowance during the Fellowship.

Can a Fellows stipend be used to fund graduate school?
No, the Kinship Fellows stipend is for a one month in-residence training program.

Who pays for my travel costs to Bellingham, Washington?
Fellows are responsible for their own travel costs.