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Resources about the practice of market-based conservation.

Learn from JP's experiences that have straddled the worlds of private finance and government finance.

In this session, JP GIbbons, a 2015 Kinship Fellow, talks about his experiences that have straddled both the worlds of private finance and government finance. JP previously led the Global Transactions Team at US Agency for International Development (USAID) where he worked with partners all over the world and pioneered the agency’s use of an innovative loan guarantee mechanism called the “Development Credit Authority (DCA)”. JP shares insights specifically about the DCA, about how government money and development aid can partner with private capital to achieve results, and more generally how to blend private and public capital to achieve conservation. Hear about JP's current work with Cambridge Associates where he helps clients find private investments that align with their social and environmental goals. JP shares what he has learned working both for a government agency and with a private investment firm, the similarities and differences and what innovations he sees in the world of conservation finance from his wide-ranging vantage point at Cambridge Associates. 

JP Gibbons is a Senior Director in the Mission Related Investment Group at Cambridge Associates. The Group identifies and underwrites the best investment strategies that align with the environmental and social impact objectives of Cambridge Associates’ clientele. His areas of focus are the environment and conservation sectors in emerging markets. For 10 years, JP worked at USAID’s Development Credit Authority where he led the Global Transactions Team. The team catalyzed capital for impact through innovative blended finance structures. JP also represented USAID as the primary point of contact on climate finance issues. Prior to joining USAID, JP worked as a small business advisor with the Peace Corps in Guatemala. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance and Business Economics and earned an MBA in Sustainability from Duquesne University.