2017 Fellows on a field trip during the month-long training program.—Kevin McCann, 2017 Fellow


282 Fellows

58 Countries

All 7 Continents

President/Chairman at Common Foundation

Boulder, CO 80304-1133
United States of America

My purpose in life is to live, love and learn! 

I serve as President and Chairman of the The COMMON Foundation. The COMMON Foundation serves COMMON’s 225+ social ventures in 27 industries and 20 countries, as well as the non-profit and philanthropic interests of external clients including individuals, families, companies, philanthropists, and social and environmental entrepreneurs.  We offer fiscal sponsorship for non-profit projects, donor advised funds, conduct philanthropic advising, set up scholarship programs, conduct legacy research and development, develop non-profit strategies, and we offer a full suite of consultative services for people, planet, and peace. Along with my work at The COMMON Foundation, I write for the BBC.


I have two decades of international experience conducting research and development, writing, leading projects, and delivering strategies in the fields of governance, sustainable development, conservation, and social and environmental entrepreneurship. I’ve worked for government, academia, non-profits, and the private sector. I research, write, consult and advise leaders worldwide. I’ve published academic and popular literature as well as given talks around the world. I’ve been to every Continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica, completed expeditions to over 30 countries, lived in five, and studied and conducted research in four - completing my PhD in Human/Political Geography at the University of Cambridge. I’ve searched relentlessly for my place in the world through travel, philosophy, spirituality, and literature, but I found it inside. 



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