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Viviana Lujan Gallegos

2015 Fellow

Conservation Finance Consultant at Independent

Panama City

I also have expertise in:

Costa Rica





Turks and Caicos Islands

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

Viviana is an environmental lawyer and conservation finance consultant with experience in public-private approaches to nature management and environmental finance. Amongst others, she has worked analyzing and developing laws and policy for the conservation of marine and coastal resources, and have advised a wide range of actors on climate change law and financing transactions. From 2015-2019 she was a legal consultant to the Green Climate Fund. 

During her time at Wolfs Company, she developed the Sustainable Finance Framework ‘Eco2Fin’, and participated in its application to identify, develop and assess Sustainable Finance mechanisms for MPA management in over 25 MPAs in the Wider Caribbean & Central America. Viviana also co-authored a study commissioned by JNCC UK to assess sustainable finance mechanisms in the Caribbean (Hagedoorn et al., 2017). She is co-author of the 2020 review of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) and the update of the Practice Standards for CTFs, both commissioned by the Conservation Finance Alliance.

Viviana is a member of the Conservation Finance Alliance and Natural Capital Coalition. She regularly participates as speaker or facilitator at workshops and seminars, such as panelist during the Latin American Conference on Sustainabiity, Ecology and Evolution in Costa Rica (2018); presenting during the consultation workshop of the Finance Sector Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol in Amsterdam (2017); speaker and facilitator on an Advocacy Bootcamp and two Sustainable Finance trainings during the World Parks Congress in Sydney (2014); facilitator of the sustainable finance workshop at the seminar on the effective implementation of ecosystem valuation research on Bonaire (2014); and speaker at various Carbon Expo’s and the Latin American Carbon Forum (2007-2013).

Viviana holds a law degree from the University of Costa Rica and a MSc. in Environment and Resource Management from the VU University in Amsterdam. She has also followed the Biodiversity Conservation online course of UNDP’s BIOFIN initiative.

Interest Areas

Collaboration Interests

Conservation finance, conservation trust funds, climate finance, legal and policy advice, coastal & marine protected areas

I Am Seeking

Consulting opportunities, opportunities for joint projects, partners for project opportunities

I Can Offer

Expertise in: Ecosystem services valuation, environmental & climate finance, legal and policy advice, coastal & marine protected areas. Workshop facilitation. Speaker at seminars or conferences.

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